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Castle Cluggy


Added on 01 July 2020

OUR FIRST YEAR has not worked out in the way we had anticipated. With all the tragic things that are happening in the world as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and in light of the Government’s introduction of stringent lockdown measures, the next stage of the Castle Cluggy project and all external activity has been put on hold until such time as life returns to some form of normality. Despite the restrictions of recent months, the trustees have been far from inactive and they have selected the various consultants needed to give the project a clearer idea of the cost for the full project. We only hope that the situation will get better soon and we can start the work. The appeal for funds continues despite this period of enforced inactivity. Indeed, it is even more important in these straitened times to ensure we achieve our mission to carry out consolidation works, bring back to good health, and preserve Castle Cluggy for present and future generations.