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Castle Cluggy


Added on 26 April 2021

TRUSTEES reviewed a copy of the response from Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust and from the Tree and Biodiversity Officer to our recent planning application for Castle Cluggy. They are asking for a series of detailed biodiversity surveys and reports and are recommending that the planning application should not be considered further until these reports are all provided. We have pointed out that we cannot do bat hibernation surveys until the winter, and that it might be difficult to 'enhance' the biodiversity of this site given the preponderance of biodiversity already there. The detailed assessments being requested will go beyond the Preliminary Ecological Assessment (PEA), which was submitted to the planners, so we will need to know a cost for all the detailed survey reports now being required.

The case officer's response is extremely disappointing and hard to believe but it seems that we have no option other than to withdraw the current planning and LBC applications and possibly resubmit them in February 2022 to allow the bat hibernation surveys to be carried out. Sadly, the building's decline and deterioration has become noticeably more advanced.