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Castle Cluggy


Added on 16 September 2022

AS THE SUN finally sets on a very hot and dry summer, we are embracing the turning of the seasons at Castle Cluggy and getting ready for the autumn. Trustees have agreed to instruct a Registered Archaeological Organisation, one of the most experienced heritage companies, to carry out an initial survey at Castle Cluggy: Geophysical Survey: 2 days geophysics; Topographic Survey of the site: 1 day (GPS/TS) and drone flight; Geophysics report; 3D modelling, visualisation and topographical survey illustrations. We are looking forward to working with them on this exciting project. 

Photogrammetry involves methodically taking hundreds of overlapping images. Here, this will involve flying a drone around the castle to get an even coverage of the entire structure. Later, advanced processing software combines the images and extracts spatial relations between distinguishable features in consecutive photographs. Based on that, the 3D model is built. We will combine the archaeological information with the 3D model. You will be able to explore the final results here.