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Castle Cluggy


Added on 12 June 2020

DETAILS to be discussed with a structural engineer and Historic Environment Scotland (HES): Remove plants, tree stems, branches and foliage growing at the walls of the structure. Stablise loose stonework with suitable stone indents and lime mortar. Re-point in lime mortar where approporiate. Rebuild/stabilise wall tops and add soft capping (turf). Where stone lintels have been robbed from door/window/fireplace openings, consider the need for new stabilising structural inserts.

  1. New sign at junction with directions for each existing path.
  2. New stone pillars and metal gate with overhead design/lettering.
  3. New metal fence securing site area of castle.
  4. Existing path and current way to access up the hill.
  5. New pathway at the end of existing track, leading to top of hill.
  6. New display board for Castle Cluggy including additional information.
  7. Existing landscape steps connection existing path to top of hill to be removed.
  8. Designated bench area for views to the castle and loch.
  9. Original size/shape of the building to be suggested with soft landscape.
  10. Grass at "inner" courtyard and areas surrounding the castle.
  11. Steps up to viewing platform for looks inside the structure.
  12. New lockable metal gate at existing opening.