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Castle Cluggy


Added on 04 February 2020

A TALK was given by the Head Trustee to CRIEFF HIGH SCHOOL, two sessions, each about 40 minutes long, giving an introduction and some interesting facts about Castle Cluggy and answering first-year pupils' questions as part of their 'Learning about Scotland' course. They are looking at their local area and trying to learn more about Crieff and Strathearn with the pupils being introduced to many different areas before the February break, after which they will pick one area that they are interested in and find out more, before putting it together to share what they have found out. At the end of the project in the Summer term, pupils will select one visit that they could take part in and Castle Cluggy could be one of the options. A talk was also given to the ROTARY CLUB OF CRIEFF to give members, supporters, and friends a taster about the project and discuss any help they can provide to spread the message and raise awareness.