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Castle Cluggy


Added on 14 February 2020

WE ARE coming into an exciting New Year for Castle Cluggy and THE GLENTURRET DISTILLERY has confirmed with great pride that their next exclusive cask will be specially named in honour of Castle Cluggy, to bring the distillery closer to the family who, as far as they are concerned, brought the Glenturret into existence. The recent purchase of the distillery by a company with a history of high-end luxury products [LALIQUE CRYSTAL] means a pivot towards the luxury malts market, or at least more of an emphasis on Glenturret single malt, so the launch of the new whisky has been delayed due to some corporate rebranding, but the dram is almost ready to go, and the General Manager has indicated that a percentage of the profits from every bottle sold will be donated to the Castle Cluggy Trust charity, which is great news. These bottles are extremely collectable and always prove incredibly popular. Hopefully, ours will be just as successful.